Acer Liquid Z220 Manual

Acer Liquid Z220 Manual

Acer Liquid Z220 Manual / User Guide – MWC 2015 is here and Acer has just announced three new Z-series smartphone lineup, the new Liquid Z220, Liquid Z520, and the Liquid Jade Z.

Acer claim that its Liquid Z220 and Liquid Z520 are “all-rounder” phones built to deliver an impressive mobile experience.

Acer’s Liquid Z220 Specs

The specs of Acer’s Liquid Z220 includes a 4-inch WVGA screen with 233ppi and a 5MP rear view camera. The phone is running on Qualcomm’s 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 processor with 1GB of RAM , and 2MP front facing cameras.

The Liquid Z220 has a Basic Mode, Easy Mode and the Standard Mode. The Basic Mode for for kids and is focuses on offering fixed call and text tools. If you love and need simple functions for things like calling and weather, the Easy Mode is for you. While the Standard Mode is for users who enjoy the standard functions.

Acer’s Liquid Z220 Price and Availability

The price of Acer’s Liquid Z220 is $99 or €89 or 64.5 GBP. European retailers will begin offering the Liquid Z220 in March.

Acer Liquid Z220 Manual

The manual of Acer’s Liquid Z220 will be available for download here soon. We will update more detail information about the Liquid Z220 manual, specs, pre order and tutorial when the handset released to the market.

Download Acer Liquid Z220 Manual PDF: here.

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