WiPowerBand, Apple Watch Accessory to Extends the Battery Life

WiPowerBand, Apple Watch Accessory to Extends the Battery Life. One of the big problem about the sold out Apple Watch is its battery life. Battery life is critical to smartwatches since device owners expect such a device to last through the day.

Apple Watch owners will surely want to wear it all day long. Apple stated that the Apple Watch goal for battery life was 18 hours after an overnight charge, factoring in things like checking the time, receiving notifications, using apps, and doing a 30-minute workout. However, the company also stated that Battery life varies by use, configuration, and many other factors; actual results will vary. In October, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that he expects people to charge the watch on a daily basis.

WiPowerBand Apple Watch Accessories

apple watch accessories WiPowerBand
Well, this is fine but some people still don’t like the idea of a smartwatch that will only last one day on a charge. The good news is that we can extends the Apple Watch Battery Life with an Apple Wacth accessories called WiPowerBand.

The WiPowerBand Apple Watch Accessories offers power and protection with wire-free charging. It is created from high density polymer with a soft silicone skin. The accessories are available in multiple colors like Black, blue, orange and pink. The current estimates show the WiPowerBand can nearly double the battery life of the Apple Watch though the actual performance may vary.

“This is the first battery product for the Apple Watch that allows the user to wear their favorite Apple Watch band and extend the watch’s battery life,” said Dr. Thomas Giannulli, serial entrepreneur and inventor of the device. “Users can also hot swap WiPowerBands to extend battery life for extended periods,” noted Giannulli.

WiPowerBand Specs

The WiPowerBand Apple Watch Accessories measures 72mm (diameter) x 32mm (height) x 4mm (thick). Weighing 20g, the WiPowerBand has 250 mAh high density lithium polymer rechargeable battery. The WiPowerBand device itself is charged using the Apple Lightning power cable(Lightning cable/connector 5v 1A) ; the same cable used to charge the iPhone thus eliminating the need to travel with multiple chargers and cables.

The WiPowerBand contours to the back of the Apple Watch and adds an extra 250 mAh battery.

WiPowerBand Prices and Availability

Here are the prices of the WiPowerBand Apple Watch Accessories:
a 38mm version of the WiPowerBand costs $89
a 42mm version of the WiPowerBand costs $99
MSRP starts at $89.00

The WiPowerBands are available for pre order and are expected to ship in either May or June 2015.

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