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Apple recently announced the company’s new Smart Keyboard to extend the utility of iPad Pro. It is thin and has durable design allowing users to take it anywhere they want. However, those who want to get the smart keyboard will have to prepare more budget as it will be sold separately from the iPad Pro, just like the Apple Pencil.

The Smart Keyboard can transform into a Smart Cover and works with new QuickType features in iOS 9 for faster and easier typing.

Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, said “The innovative Apple Pencil and new Smart Keyboard enable users to customize their iPad Pro experience to the particular apps they use and the work they do, making iPad Pro ideal for everything from professional productivity to advanced 3D design.”

Apple Smart Keyboard Pricing & Availability

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Apple Smart Keyboard will be available for $169 (US) in charcoal gray. It will be available starting in November.

Philip Schiller also said “This is unlike any keyboard you’ve ever used before”. The keyboard is covered in a fabric that forms the structure for the keyboard. Three new circles along the side of the keyboard act as a new Smart Connector to attach the keyboard to the iPad Pro.

So, the smart keyboard connects to the iPad Pro with three magnetic sensors that also provide a port for data and power, meaning it is not connecting over Bluetooth with no extra batteries .

smart keyboard of ipad pro

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