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For people who want to have the new smartphone in their home, I am sure that iPhone 7 is one of the great choice for them. We all know that iPhone – it is the product from Apple, is one of the most favorite kind of smartphone beside android and blackberry. Apple is one of the big vendor in smartphone and they always try to give the new product to pleasant their customer. Here, iPhone 7 is prepared as the one of their newest product. iPhone is one of the high-class and premium smartphone for the people, which will give special running task to assist their communication. In this occasion, we will see some detail specs, price and the released date of iPhone 7. I hope that this writing will be useful for you to enlarge your knowledge. In other hand, you also may use it as the thing of consideration.

Released date

Officially, Apple – as the vendor of iPhone, still keep the official released date of this newest product. However, the rumor about it say that the vendor will release this iPhone 7 in the Q4 of 2016. It means that people still have time to prepare their own self when they want to be the user of iPhone 7. In this case, being one of the first buyers of iPhone 7 can be the great thing because people will create the history of themselves. However, it is not clear whether the vendor will complete this iPhone version with the Plus option – as the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, or not. We just need to wait the availability of this phone. Although the vendor only provides iPhone 7 – without the Plus option, I am sure the best performance of it will renew your way in communication.

Yes, the better performance of iPhone 7 here can be seen by the new technology inside it. As we know, Apple is better in RAM use than android and blackberry. In this new product, the vendor allows the bigger RAM and I am sure it will give the smoother running in your access. Then, this newest product from Apple also applies some kinds of the new features, such as the new UI, new smarter SIRI, ultra fast processor, clearer camera and others, which will give the new experience when you are using it.

Then, when we talk about the released date, we can see the previous released date of the Apple’s previous product. Apple has the nice schedule in releasing their product. We know that some kinds of their previous product were released with the similar scheme: it is released in the end of the year or the Q4 of the year. By this fact, we may can conclude that the released date of this iPhone 7 is same. The newest prediction says that maybe, the vendor of this iPhone 7 will released this new product around September 2016.

Since you still have enough preparation time, it will be nice for you to prepare yourself well from now. As I have said before, being one of the first buyer of product will be nice for you because you will make a great experience in your life. Just try to keep the update of the information of released date. We will try to update it as soon as we can, so you will know when the exact released date is.

Specification of iPhone 7

When we are talking about the specification of the iPhone 7, we can relate it with the releasing of the new iOS 10 from Apple. By the near releasing date of it, I predict that the iPhone 7 will use iOS 10 as the basic OS. Of course, the new kind of the iOS will give something new for you. In overall, the performance of the smartphone is increased, so you will have the more powerful iPhone in your hand!

Another rumor of iPhone 7 says that it will have bigger screen size than the previous product of iPhone. When Apple applies the 4.7 inches of screen size for iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches of screen display in iPhone 6 Plus, it is rumored that Apple will use 5.8 inches of screen size for iPhone 7. The size of this display is nice in order to give the larger display and clearer look of the display of the phone. The display of iPhone 7 maybe will use OLED display for the sharper effect in look. Then, it is also predicted that in iPhone 7, the vendor will use 13 MP of primary iSight camera and 8 MP for the secondary one. Of course, the camera will give the brighter image when you want to keep your moment.

iPhone 7 features

For the nice consideration, it is important for us to know the kinds of feature inside the iPhone 7. I am sure that the feature of iPhone 7 can be the reason why you need to choose this product than the other choices. In some points below, we will try to know some kinds of the new features of iPhone 7. However, you need to know that these features are based on the prediction. Let us see the detail of it below.

Sapphire glass – Based on the rumor, what make the display of the iPhone 7 is greater than the previous version is the use of sapphire glass there. Sapphire glass will be the nice partner of the Gorilla glass tech of the display of iPhone in order to provide the durable display. You need to know that sapphire glass is one of the special tech of the iPhone’s display because with this tech, people will have the strong display and it is not easy to be broken. When the manufacture applies the sapphire glass, it means that they use the same tech with the display of iWatch- the other product of Apple.

Button-less design – Another rumor says that iPhone 7 will use the button-less design. It is one of the new development – maybe it is the influential development of the design of the iPhone. Well, we all know that the traditional iPhone design uses some buttons in its appearance for operation. When the vendor applies the button-less design, they will do some big changes there. I think it is possible because the vendor clarifies that iPhone 7 will have a larger display, so the button can be moved to the screen.

Wireless charging – the rival of Apple, as Samsung, is offering the wireless charging as the one of their facility to the user. One of their product, Samsung S6 edge, can be charged wirelessly. It is one of the special feature of the new smartphone, which will pleasant the user. Here, it is possible when Apple also will apply this nice feature to their newest product. Applying the new kind of the feature will be nice and possible to keep the track of rivalry, doesn’t it?

Improved iSight camera – iSight camera is one of the special feature of Apple’s product and it becomes the symbol of iPhone. We all know that people nowadays use smartphone to capture their moment. It is because the smartphone provides the simpler matter than when people need to use camera. Here, in the new iPhone 7, Apple is predicted increasing the technology of their camera. The rumor says that iPhone 7 will have 13 MP of first camera and the second camera will be 8 MP. I am sure that it will be a nice camera to save your moment with friends.

Water and dust proof – protection is one of the important matter of the smartphone. The high way in protection will keep the well condition of the smartphone. Here, the rumor says that iPhone 7 will apply the water and dust proof. The combination of the protection is nice in order to give the special matter for you to throw the harm condition of the phone. In technology, it is said that the manufacture will use iP67 waterproof, as well as the dust proof. This technology is nice because it will make the iPhone 7 save although it is sank around 1 meter below the water for 30 minutes.

OLED display – the latest rumor about iPhone 7, which can be the great consideration before choosing it, is the OLED display. It is one of the nice type of display for smartphone. This display will give the sharper look. In other hand, it has ability to generate the own light, so people will feel more interesting with it.

Price of iPhone 7

With all kinds of the features as above, it will be nice for us trying to predict the price of it. I am sure that the kinds of features of iPhone 7 as above show that it is one of the best smartphone, which can be the great choice for you. In this case, as my prediction, the price of iPhone 7 maybe in the range of 800 to 900 USD. The different price of this smartphone can be influenced by the difference of the GB memory. However, you also need to know that the price of it is also different by the different location of the agent.

Well, based on the explanation as above, we all know that iPhone 7 is one of the newest product from Apple and it is prepared to give the new option when people want to update their smartphone. As the one of the best vendor of smartphone in the world, Apple tries to give the new and the best product for their user. It will be nice when you prepare yourself to welcome this product. Being the first buyer of iPhone 7 can be a great moment because you create a nice memory for your own self. Please try to keep the update information to know the exact detail and its released date.

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