Apple Watch Guide : How to Answer and Make Phone Calls

Apple Watch Guide : How to Answer and Make Phone Calls.

How to answer phone calls with Apple Watch

With the Apple Watch on your wrist, you can easily answer phone calls and make them. When you receive phone calls, you will have some options:

1. you can answer the phone calls though your Apple Watch. Raise your wrist to wake Apple Watch and see who’s calling. Then tap the green button using the built in speaker and microphone.

answer a call on apple Watch

2. you can send them a message. Turn the Digital Crown to scroll down, then choose an option to send a text message .

send message to apple watch caller
3. you can transfer your call to your iphone. While talking on Apple Watch, just swipe up on the Phone icon in the bottom-left corner of the iPhone Lock screen. Or, if iPhone is unlocked, tap the green bar at the top of the screen.

apple watch answer call on iphone
4. you can decline the phone call. Simply tap the red button to decline.
5. you can mute the phone calls simply by covering your Apple Watch with your hand. To quickly mute an incoming call , you can press the palm of your hand on the watch display and holding it there for three seconds. You must first turn on the option in the Apple Watch app on iPhone. Go to My Watch > Sounds & Haptics and turn on Cover to Mute.

mute the apple watch call
6. you can answer the call using iPhone. To do this, turn the Digital Crown to scroll down, then choose an option to answer the call using iPhone.
7. you can send the call to voicemail. Simply tap the red button for it. To listen to voicemail later, open the Phone app phone icon, then tap Voicemail. Don’t worry, If a caller leaves voicemail, you get a notification—tap the Play button in the notification to listen.

send call to voicemail apple watch
8. you can hold the call. Tap “Answer on iPhone” to place the call on hold until you can continue it on your paired iPhone. The caller hears a repeated sound until you pick up the call. If you can’t find your iPhone, tap the ping iPhone button on Apple Watch to locate it.

put the call on hold apple watch

9. you can adjust the volume of the call. To adjust the speaker volume when talking on Apple Watch, turn the Digital Crown while on the call or tap the volume symbols on the screen. Tap the Mute button to mute your end of the call.

adjust the call at apple watch


How to Make Phone Calls with Apple Watch

With your new Apple Watch, you can make phone call right on your wrist. You can always open the phone app on your home screen. Here are some options to make phone calls with Apple Watch:
1. Call people you connect the most. Screen showing a chosen friend’s face with the phone, Digital Touch, and Messages buttons beneath. Tap Phone to call this friend.
Here are steps to do it:
– press the side button
– choose a friend to talk to by turning the digital crown
– tap the phone icon

apple wacth make call
2. you can see call info on Apple Watch. While you’re talking on iPhone, you can view call information on Apple Watch in the Phone app Phone icon. You can also end the call from Apple Watch.
3. have siri make the phone call for you. You can ask Siri to call anyone in your Contacts. Exp:hey siri, call Dany

apple watch siri
4. Place a call. If the person you’re calling is not in your friends list, open the Phone app Phone icon, then tap Favorites or Contacts. Turn the Digital Crown to scroll, then tap the name you want to call.

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