Apple Watch Guide : How to Personalize your Apple Watch Faces

customize apple watch facesApple Watch Guide : How to Personalize your Apple Watch Face. Now we will guide you to personalize your new Apple Watch by changing and customising the face.

Apple Watch allows its user to choose a face and customize it. You can add more functionality, switch colors and see even more detail, such as minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. There are twelve Apple Watch faces available now from formal to fitness and functional.

You can choose Chronograph, Color, Modular, Utility, Mickey Mouse, Simple, Motion, Solar, Astronomy, Timelapse and Photos. With Photos, you can pick your own image as a wallpaper behind the face.


Here are steps to personalize your new Apple Watch Face

1. press firmly on your current watch face

customize apple watch face








2. now you enter the faces gallery

3. swipe until you find the face you want

4. tap it to make it your new face or you can customize it

customize apple watch face









5. there will be three dots at the top mean that there are three different customizations screens for this face

6. you can change whatever is inside the green outline

7. you can create a more detailed display

8. turn the digital crown

apple watch face









9. add hour and minute numbers

10. then, swipe to the next screen

11. you can change the color of the second hand

12. turn your digital crown to make your selection

13. go to the third screen

14. you will see a number of different areas you can tap

15. put additional useful information on the watch face

16. turn the digital crown and add current temperature at the top of the watch

17. at the bottom, add a calendar

18.  when you are all done, press the digital crown

19. then tap the screen

20. now you are done

Once you have set your watch face, you can tap on a piece of information to open the corresponding app. You can watch the video to personalize your new Apple Watch Face here.

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