Apple Watch Guide: How to Save and Extend Battery Life

Apple Watch Guide: How to Save Battery Life during Workout. Wonder how to make Apple Watch battery last longer? Many new Apple Watch owners were disappointed for the battery life of their new watch at the first day they wore it.

Apple says that the Apple Watch offer all day battery life and the company described it as 90 time checks, 90 notifications, 45 minutes of app use and a 30-minute workout with music playback from Apple Watch via Bluetooth, over the course of 18 hours. However, many new Apple Watch owners shared their first day experiences with the watch and were reporting that they had run out of battery after ten or eleven hours. Perhaps, they were so curious about their new watch and use it to set the watch and check out the apps.

If you are one of them and wonder how to extend the battery life on your new Apple Watch, we have some tips and guide for it. But first, you need to view your battery usage and standby information.

View Battery Usage information

To do this, open the Apple Watch app on iPhone and go to My Watch > General > Usage.

How to Save and Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

Check these tips out.

1. Disable Heartbeat Monitor

You can extend your Apple Watch battery life during workouts. Your Apple Watch will monitor your heart rate during workouts and it consumes extra battery life. If you think that your workout doesn’t require heart rate data, you can disable it so you can get more battery life. Here’s how:

Launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

save apple watch battery

Tap on Workout.

save apple watch battery

Turn On the option for Power Saving Mode.

save apple watch battery

If you wish to use the heart rate monitor again, you can always re-enable the setting anytime you want.

2. Enable Airplane Mode

apple watch airplane mode

You can save your Apple Watch battery life by enabling the Airplane Mode. Active radios on your device(GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) use an amount of power. These active radios will be disabled when you turn on the Airplane Mode, so yu can save your Apple Watch Battery Life.

How to Enable Airplane Mode

In order to Enable the Airplane Mode, go to Settings -> Airplane Mode to enable it.

apple watch airplane mode


3. Force-Close Apps

You can save your Apple Watch battery life by force-closing apps. Of course you can delete apps but if you need the apps, it would be wise to simply force close the apps. Apps like Gmail, Facebook, and Skype significantly draining battery throughout the day. Force-closing these apps can stop its background activity and save your Apple watch battery life.

To do this, go to your Home screen, open an app and hold down on the side button until you see the power menu. Let go of the side button and hold down on it again for a few seconds until you’ve exited from the app.That’s it!

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