How to Install Watch OS 1.0.1 Update on Apple Watch

How to Install Watch Watch OS 1.0.1 Update on Apple Watch. The Watch OS 1.0.1 official software update on your Apple Watch is now available. The update is available for Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and Apple Watch Edition. To update your Apple watch, you will need your iPhone (iPhone 5 or later) and other things as well.

Things you need to update the Watch OS 1.0.1 on your Apple Watch

Here are things you need to update the Watch OS 1.0.1 on your Apple Watch:

1. Make sure your Apple Watch has at least a 50 percent charge.

2. Apple Watch charger

3. Connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi.

4. Keep your iPhone next to your Apple Watch to make sure they’re in range.

How to Update the Watch OS 1.0.1 on your Apple Watch

Here are steps to update the Watch OS 1.0.1 on your Apple Watch:

1. Connect your Apple Watch to power, and keep it on the charger until the update is complete.

apple watch charger

2. On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and tap My Watch > General > Software Update.

apple watch update

3. If asked for your iPhone passcode or Apple Watch passcode, enter the passcodes.

4. you will go to the software update page where you can see a screen indicating that your apple Watch’s current version of Watch OS is up-to-date

5. you will go to software update page and see an Apple Watch icon with one large, stationary gear inside, plus the name and size of the update.

apple watch software update


6. You can hit a Learn More button to read what’s new in the update, but you can skip this and begin the installation process right away.

apple watch OS 1.0.1  update

7. Hit “Download and Install” button

apple watch update

8. Now you will go to a terms and conditions document that needs to be accepted.

apple watch update

9. Touch agree to accept it,

apple watch update

10. the small download begins and it takes a few minutes depending on how busy Apple’s servers are

apple watch update

11. Now the download is complete.

apple watch update

12. When the download is complete, you’ll need your Apple Watch to begin the update. Make sure that your Apple watch is charged or at least half charged.

13. Wait for the Apple logo with progress bar to appear. When the update finishes, your Apple Watch will restart.

When the Apple Watch had completed its progress, you will probably see a screen on your iPhone saying that the Watch was up-to-date with version 1.0 and other users even get “installing iOS 8.2.1 ″ on their iPhone’s screen. Well, you don’t have to worry about this because your Apple Watch will complete the update.


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