Fitbit Charge Manual Book and Tutorial

Fitbit ChargeFitbit Charge Manual Book. The Fitbit Charge tracks activity, steps, calories burned and hours slept using. It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts around a week. On the box you will get charging cable and wireless sync dongle. It can track seven days of detailed motion data, minute by minute and tracks daily totals for past 30 days.

The Charge is water resistance but not waterproof. In order to make your Charge last longer and comfortable when you use it, there are some tips to wear and care the device. Chek this out.

The Fitbit Charge is designed to be worn all day and night. So, there are some tips to keep your band clean and your skin happy. These tips are base on Fitbit official site.

Fitbit Charge Manual

Fitbit Charge user guide – First, you need to keep it clean by regularly clean your band and wrist especially after working out, sweating, or exposing your skin to substances like soaps and lotions, which can get trapped beneath the band. You can use a soapless cleanser, rinse well, and dry it off with a soft towel. Note : do not use household cleansers. If you get tough spots or stains, then you can scrub with a wet soft-bristled toothbrush, rinse well, and dry it off with a soft towel.

Second, try to keep the Charge dry. Though your charge is water resistant, it would be better if you keep it dry as a wet band won’t be good for your skin for long periods of time. If your band gets wetthen you can rinse and dry it thoroughly before putting it back on your wrist. You also need to make sure that your skin is dry before you put your band back on.

Thrid, you need to give your wrist a rest. You also need to make sure that your band isn’t too tight. Prolonged rubbing and pressure may irritate the skin so give your wrist a break by removing the band for an hour after extended wear.

Fourth, you might get a skin irritation or allergy if you have eczema, allergies, or asthma. If you start to experience redness or skin irritation on your wrist, then you need to remove your device.

If symptoms persist longer than 2-3 days of not using your device, you need to contact a dermatologist.

Fifth, if you sweat for more than two hours while wearing your Fitbit band, be sure to wash your band and your wrist using the directions above to avoid skin irritation.

Download Fitbit Charge Manual Book

These tips above are base on Fitbit official site. You can get complete Fitbit Charge Manual Guide here.

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