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Fitbit One Manual Book – Fitbit One tracks Floors climbed, Steps taken, Recent activity levels (represented by a flower that grows and shrinks), Distance traveled, Time (clock and stopwatch), Calories burned, Hours slept and Quality of sleep. Fitbit One Manual is available here for download.

Fitbit One Manual

Your Fitbit One will be in beginner mode when you first set it up. While in this mode, the name corresponding to the current display will appear. For example, “STEPS” will be displayed before “7482” and the steps icon. After the display has cycled through each screen 5 times, beginner mode will end, and you will be in normal mode.

In normal mode, the value and icon appear immediately after you press your Fitbit One’s button for faster viewing. Any time your Fitbit One is reset, it will enter beginner mode. This will happen if you shut down and then restart your Fitbit One, upgrade your device, or when your Fitbit One’s battery drains completely.

If you are a left-handed individuals, you can set your Fitbit One in Lefty mode. Your device comes oriented for right-handed users by default. If you want to change it to Lefty mode, you can, go to your Device Settings and select the Left-handed button.

Your Fitbit One can track how long and how soundly you sleep. In Fitbit One user manual, you will find steps to track your sleep so you can get information about the quality of your sleep. Here is how to track your sleep with your Fitbit One.

Fitbit One User Guide

First, place your Fitbit One into the slot in your wristband and wrap it around your non-dominant wrist.

Second, once you are in bed and ready to fall asleep, press and hold the Fitbit One’s button for 2+ seconds. You will see a blinking stopwatch and clock. The other icons will also blink, indicating that your tracker is in sleep mode.

Third, when you wake up, press and hold the button for 2+ seconds to stop the sleep recording. The icons will stop blinking to indicate you’ve exited sleep mode. Once you exit sleep mode, your Fitbit One will resume, displaying your daily totals.

Fourth, once the data syncs, graphs on your Dashboard will reveal how long you slept and the number of times you woke up. Last night’s sleep will appear on today’s page.

If you forgot to press the button on your tracker, but were wearing it while you slept, you can enter the times manually in your online sleep log and your data will still appear once you sync your Fitbit One tracker.

You can get the complete Fitbit One Manual here.

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