Fitbit Surge Manual – Surge User Guide

Fitbit Surge Manual – How to Set Up your Fitbit Surge. This is a fitness superwatch which tracks steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed & active minutes. The device also come with many interesting features like GPS Tracking, Long Battery Life, PurePulse Heart Rate, Notifications + Music, Auto Sleep + Alarms, Multi-Sport, and Wireless Syncing.

On the box, you will get the Surge, USB charging cable and Wireless sync dongle. Fitbit Surge User Manual helps you to get started with your Surge and quickly setting it up. You can get the complete

Fitbit Surge Manual PDF here.

Setup ensures that your Surge can synchronize its data with Fitbit official site or the Fitbit mobile app, where you can get detailed information on your stats, view historical trends, log food, and more.

You can set up your Surge by using the following options:

the Fitbit app for iOS,
the Fitbit app for Android,
the Fitbit app for Windows Phone, or
your computer

How to Set up your Surge using a mobile device

In order to set up your Surge by using your mobile device, you need to visit to see if your mobile device is compatible with your Surge or not. If your device is listed, you can then download Fitbit’s free mobile app and follow the setup process in the app. But if your device is not listed, you can check back frequently because Fitbit are continually adding new devices. If your mobile device cannot sync via Bluetooth 4.0, you can still use the Fitbit app to view your data and track your progress. You only have to set up and sync your Surge using a Mac or PC.

How to Set up your tracker using a Mac or PC

if you are using a Mac or PC to set up your Surge, then you need to install Fitbit Connect first. Fitbit Connect is the software application that connects (“pairs”) your Surge to your dashboard, where you can view your data, log food, and more. See requirements below.

Mac & PC requirements

Mac (Software: Mac OS 10.6 or later , Internet Connection, Hardware: USB port)
Windows (Software :Windows Vista or later, Internet Connection, Hardware: USB port)

How to Download Fitbit Connect

Go to
Verify that your computer type (Mac or PC) is highlighted, then click the Download Here button.

How to Install Fitbit Connect and pairing your tracker

  • Plug in the wireless sync dongle and have your tracker nearby, turned on, and charged.
  • Go to the folder containing the file you downloaded and look for the installation program:
    • For Mac: Install Fitbit Connect.pkg
    • For Windows: FitbitConnect_Win.exe
  • Double-click the file name to start the installation process.

Follow the brief onscreen instructions to finish setting up. You’re ready to get moving.

Syncing with a computer guide

Now that Fitbit Connect is installed, your Surge will automatically and wirelessly synchronize its data to your dashboard every 15-20 minutes under these conditions:

  • Your Surge is within 15-20 feet of your computer and has new data to upload (meaning if you haven’t moved, an automatic sync won’t occur).
  • Your computer is powered on, awake, and connected to the Internet.
  • The wireless sync dongle is inserted into a USB port and is recognized by the computer.

To manually synchronize your Surge with your dashboard, click the Fitbit Connect

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