Take Control over your Other Gadget by Using Fitbit Surge

Imagine how amazing if you just can control your other gadget with only your wristwatch? Well, that kind of futuristic stuff seems to begin its breakout recently pioneered by this Fitbit Fitness IT company innovation called Fitbit Surge as the ultimate wristwatch of fitness tracker. Actually it might not really as sophisticated as you think it is, but at least it is really packed with perks that can allow you to have little control of your other gadget sweetly by one of its key features. Nah, rather than dropping anymore sweat, let’s just talk over it and stuffed yourself with information about its perks.

Fitbit Surge review: The Virtues of new fitness watch generation!

One great virtue that we can title it as your access to gain control to your other gadgets is the feature of wireless synchronizations which is using some kind of Bluetooth door connection to your computer or smartphone to be connected. Unlike its predecessors or any other oldies stuff which still using the USB system of connectivity that is considered as the complex and impractical device for modern people demands. This Fitbit wristwatch has gone into the whole new level of modernity with its auto synchronization setup.

The other cool stuff that makes this wristwatch fitness tracker amazing are its varieties of tracker features. Starting from its multi-sport that is able to work by recognition of the kind of workout or exercises you do. Whether it is a track run, bicycling or any other sports that are enlisted to your favorite, all of them will tracked in result of exercise summary in your statistic. This wristband is also indulged by GPS locating system and the heart rate measurement setup that you must not skip. Moreover, this device can also monitor your resting time, and tell you whether it is adequate or not by setting up the alarm and auto sleep features. Well, now let us tell you how to gain control to your other devices by using it.

What you need to do?

If we talk about what is exactly you need to do when you can do it, then it will be fixed in the answer that you need to be able to fully synchronize your Fitbit Surge with your other gadgets of yours, for example like your smartphone. The synchronization of them is quite simple and similar like what we have explained in some different sections in our site which is requiring you to activate the wireless connectivity on. Bluetooth as the main connector will then doing the synchronization and letting you able to take control over some limited access to your smartphone.

What you can do with it?

The full synchronization is not only giving you the access to your apps data which contain your tracking history and most recent recorded activities but also giving you the power to be able to be notified by every text message received and the incoming or missed calls that have just occur on your smartphone. Even greater, you can gain control over your smartphone song playlist without even need to open the keypad up to unlock your smartphone first. All you need to do is doing some swaps to change the music played on your smartphone. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, it is kind of futuristic stuff that makes this Fitbit Surge called marvelous with its perks and over pluses narrated on its features. Make sure to stay updated with us about some tutorial articles and the latest information about this product of best fitness tracker as well as many reviews about any other Fitbit innovations coming up. Do not let hesitation empower you then stop you from any curiosity you need to ask to us. If you still have some questions regarding this device, then you can freely leave some trace below or contact us at any time. We will be glad to answer it. Be healthy! Be Fitbit

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