Track Progress on Different Sports Activities Using Fitbit Surge

We have been attending some athlete boarding house and making several experiments about them in various ways from their training progress to the performance of their sports specialties. Many methods we have been using are mostly fruitful and concluded with some satisfactory results. Recently, we have conducted an experiment using one gadget innovated by Fitbit Company called Fitbit Surge which is created with the concept of wristband in purpose to control and track the fitness progress in ultimate ways.

Fitbit Surge Reviews and detailed Excesses Features

Not only it has the over plus of the battery length that can last longer than other fitness trackers, estimated up to a week with the detail battery length of ten hours for GPS. Mentioning GPS, this device also purveyed with the tracking GPS features which is not only locate your position, but also able to let you see distance of your track and inspecting the routes from its elevation as well as measure your exercise’s split time and pace very well. Moreover, the system packed in this wristwatch called PurePulse can help you with the information of your heart rate in simplification chart which is good to record your cardio and athlete performance progress.

Not only for athlete, even for general people, the all-day activity measurement system can still helping you to stay on track of fitness by measuring your foot step, calories, and other active activities that give you distance to go. The additional key features of customizing the type of workout called Multi-sport and the smart-track system is also good to categorize the favorable sports you do. The last one amazing perks you can find is the wireless synchronization features that can synch it to multiple devices automatically is indeed bringing this stuff to the whole new level of modernity. Those facilities are our bible and guidance for the recent experiments we did to some athletes. You can do the same! Let us tell you how to do it.

Knowing your Running Pace Endurance using Smart Track or GPS Tracking

Compared to the other series of fitness tracker innovated by Fitbit, this wristwatch has its perks on the additional function of GPS tracking. This feature is just amazing excess for you to get to know detail progress in many athlete. For example we track the progress of running and hurdles athlete by using this GPS feature to calculate the pace endurance within their running performance. This is just amazing to know precisely their progress by comparing one training and the other one by looking at the graphic data recorded within the Fitbit Apps.

Get rid of the Plateau in Weight Lifting by using PurePulse

According to several fitness and sport experts, there are two types of plateaus in weight lifting. The first type is the condition when an athlete down in performance, so their performance cannot elevate more and the second type is they are being too accustomed with the previous training and because of that, the performance progress cannot go up. However, the one that can only know this plateau is the athlete itself, because they are the one who feel it.

But how if we tell you that this Fitbit Surge can do something about it by at least letting you know that an athlete in a plateau? This wrist watches device can do it by measuring the heart rate. Athlete with second type of plateau usually has the normal and stagnant heart rate in one particular weight lifting performance, because she/he has accustomed with it, while the athletes with first type of plateau will show high heart rate by doing one performance because they are down. And by knowing that, you can then analyze the causes behind it in order to solve it.

Checking Workout Summary in Synched Smart Track for your Bicycling Activities

We also use the smart track tech purveyed within this wristwatch to categorize it into bicycling recognition. By using the synchronization of the device to the apps, we can easily find the total data of an athlete gauge performance as well as the improvement of it in real time status.

Know your Strength Length in Ball Game as well

If you really love ball games like basketball or soccer, then using this wristwatch can be the right choice you take. As the Multi-sport recognition system can detect the type of workout and exercise you do, the availability stay the same for you or any athlete of football or NBA game out there. Some ball games like basketball and soccer indeed require their players to keep running and stay active in the game. By tracking down the sport activities some ball games athlete do in the field, we can analyze later about the performance of them within the game, figure out how long is the best time of performance for an athlete by only looking at the detail summary of their game performance. What a truly best fitness tracker.

Well, indeed other than just mere cardio exercise that this Fitbit Surgecan analyze and track, any other sports seem to already be listed within its sophisticated system to meet the demands of any various athlete out there who needs to reach perfections. If you are one of those athlete who in needs of them, then why don’t you give it a try? Be healthy! Be Fitbit

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