Track your Cardio Progress Using Fitbit Surge Tutorial

Our team have just got the rare opportunity to run into one of the greatest physical therapy that is famously known by his fit and healthy system exercises called CrossFit Box as well as invented the Body mechanism understanding called Mobility WOD that has been used by many people including the athlete of USA’s NHL, NBA, and NFL as well as some troops in military in several countries in the world. After some hours we have successfully interviewed Kelly Starrett, we have found out a good information about the importance of cardio exercise for our body. And when we thought about it, suddenly this Fitbit Surge popping out from our mind like a bulb of lamp giving a brilliant idea. When we discuss about it with Kelly, he seems to agree that it can assist you better for cardio progress.

Fitbit Surge Review

Fitbit Surge Review

You might be a lot of questions about how are you supposed to let this fitness tracker wristwatch invented by Fitbit to assist you in the progress of your cardio exercise, but it is indeed something this device can do nicely. Kelly Starrett also adding some statement that this stuff might not just giving you’re the assistance to know the progress of your cardio, but also possible to make you get even more encouragement to keep going and make progress. Let’s just get the detail of this stuff first and enlist some features that can be a help about it.

Fitbit Surge review: key features for tracking your cardio progress!

We ain’t going to talk about how dazzling the look of this Fitbit wristband since it is obvious that it is really amazing no matter how you look at it. However, we are going to emphasize some features that will have the crucial role to your cardio progress matter. The first is the GPS tracking that is fruitful to know from A to Z about the pace, split limiting time, track condition, distances and many else regarding the route you take. The other part which is also miraculous is the heart rate tracker purveyed by PurePulse within this Fitbit stuff.

We might also use the other features like the all-day activity trackers and smart pack for multi sports category to help you track the cardio progress. Also we can use the controlling over pluses and wireless synchronization that can set your music playlist and other device notification, but we will tell you about them later on in specific usages. So, let’s just get started with the tutorial and tips on how you can use this Fitbit wristband for your cardio progress. Check them out!

Using the progress of Cardio by seeing distance record of your jogging

The GPS tracking technology you can found lies within this Fitbit wrist watch is just perfect to answer your hesitation on how can you track your cardio progress by using this stuff. Some kind of cardio workout like jogging or bicycling might come in handy for some starter, and this GPS features will help to make it even easier. Start heeding the detail of your GPS tracking chart recorded in your already synchronized apps to compare the distance you have taken on your first cardio circuit and the seventh or tenth cardio circuit. If you can find obvious differences between them, then it means that your cardio exercise has succeed.

You can also compare not only the distance you have done in some different circuit. You can also compare two similar circuit and seeing the progress of your cardio exercise by seeing how fast you finish the whole circuit. If it is faster on your seventh or ninth compared to your first one, then it is also showing that your cardio exercise is succeed. That is how you figure out the progress in easy way by usingFitbit Surge.

Feel the difference of heart rate from every cardio exercises you do

Just like many fitness trainer we know always said that once your endurance is getting stronger, then your body began to be accustomed with the exercise and you can do the things that feels hard before in more remote way. The way to figure it out is quite simple. Use the PurePulse technology purveyed within this Fitbit wristwatch ultimate fitness tracker and calculates the rate of your heart beat within several cardio exercises. The more progress you get, the more easy heart rate triggered on you. Of course this part is also related with some aspects, especially the sleeping quality you have.

Multi-sport features can also help you figure out your cardio progress in specific ways!

Not only the common cardio like track running or bicycling that you can check to know whether your cardio workout has its progress elevated well, but in more specific way, you can also track any other cardio workout progress in handy with the feature of smart Track that allows you to specify the exercise or sport you do. For example, If you like martial arts, then you can set it up into the martial art recognition mode and start summarizing your exercise detail. Simple and trustworthy for analyzing cardio progress in numerous specific ways.

Control your Smartphone Music Playlist for More On Fire Cardio Workout!

The wireless synchronization features is just not an additional device for show. It is not only functioned as the way you can store your data and history of activities you did but also as the other practical helper for you. As for Fitbit wristwatch series, there is also this features to take some limited control over other devices that is synchronized with your Fitbit wristwatch. By using this feature, you can see the notifications of text messages and calls. By using this over plus, you can also make it as the encouragement to keep yourself motivated to gain the progress of your cardio workout. Some experts say that music can keep us spirited and motivated, so use this feature to control your music playlist to keep you on fire!

Well, that is all the things we know about how to know the progress of your cardio as well as keeping you in motivation to keep going gaining more progress to get your Fitbit blaze result to stay fit and healthy. Hope this post will do some good benefits for you to use Fitbit Surge as your best assistance in fitness progress tracking. Be healthy! Be Fitbit!

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