5 How to Encourage yourself to Stay Fit by Using Fitbit Zip

Are you trying to find out how to encourage yourself to stay fit? Do you have tried every tip that many people told you to stay motivated but you always ended up being lazy lunatic with messy lifestyle? Well, why don’t you consider yourself to buy this one little buddy called Fitbit Zip here that can assist you as well as making you to stay on your right track to stay fit? We do believe that it is often happen and we already witness many kind of cases where people are getting more encouraged when they know the detail of what they are doing and the result of what they have been doing the whole time. It is as simple as that of course you do not want to do hard work unless you know how much a company will pay you. By using this tiny little guy we want to talk about here you will know easily the detail record of all-day activities in exciting and practical way.

Fitbit Zip Design And Review

Fitbit Zip Design And Review

Fitbit Zip Review

This portable stuff innovated by Fitbit company here is the new generation of the way how you can track your activities all day in simple way. There are several features purveyed into this gadget including the tap display which will show you time and daily stats you have achieve so far. The small shape of this device is one aspect that makes it special. By tiny shape, it has perfect portability to carry on everywhere and every time you want. You can slip it within your pocket or pin it on your jacket or coat while you work.

How about if you catch the rain? Forget not about that because this little dude here has its perks on the water resistance excess, so rain or any water drop will make no budge to it. The other over pluses of this small device is the feature of synchronization that can run wirelessly and automatically connect to other gadgets such as smartphone or computers you have. However, the most important part you can expect from this tiny gadget is the tracker which help you record distance, steps, active minutes and calories you have burnt. Then the question is how you can encourage yourself to stay fit by only using this tiny stuff? Here are some tips on how to do it:

Make your Fixed Number of Steps!

First way to keep yourself motivated by using this Fitbit Innovation is to set your daily fixed number of step you need to take. Many health expert recommend to do at least 10 thousand step in a day to maintain your health, you can start by setting it up on your daily routine and vow for yourself that you will take that amount of steps every single day to stay fit. By using the track step features of All-day activities purveyed on this device, now you can keep your fit and healthy lifestyle at best way.

Feel Ashamed by tiny Stick out Tongue Emoticon!

There is this kind of cute emoticon that will show you a smile when you are doing some active activities on your day. However, in the contrary, if you are too lazy to do some active activities, this small device will give you a mocking emoticon by showing not smile by pulled out tongue. You can use this feature to keep yourself motivated. Once you see the smiling emoticon on the mini display of it, then it means that you have done enough to stay fit, but if it show you its tongue, then you need to move a round more.

Setting Up your Daily Calories Burning you Must Obey!

Like what we have explained before within this Fitbit Zip key features reviews and detailed aspects, now you can use the feature of tracking calories that are displayed on this gadget. Set your goal on how much calories you should burn as well as decide how much calories you need to take. This calories summary will pop out automatically and recorded into your account once your Zip device is synchronized with any other devices you have.

Make a Competition with your Family about it!

If you think that maybe doing some tracking and recordings of your daily activities such as calculating calories, counting the steps and distances you take feel kind of bored, then why don’t you sweeten it? You can invite your family to do it together and make it as a competition. Compete in how much steps you and your partner have taken or how far distance you and your partner have gone for. This is a brilliant idea which is not only make it fun to track your day, but also making your beloved one to stay healthy as well.

Collect the Badges with the Apps Synchronization!

Do you know that once you have installed the apps of Fitbit and synchronized your gadget, then you are not only getting the summary of the recorded tracks you do daily in shape of charts and simple narrations, but also you will get this feature of earning badges? Just like when you play a game, and then you successfully achieve certain level or doing some sort of actions within the game, then you rewarded by some achievement. There are plenty of milestones that will give you some badges and celebration of your achievement within the apps. Use it as your encouragement.

Well then, we think that is all about the five ways on how to stay motivated by using this amazing Fitbit Zip gadget. Make sure you do all those five ways if possible if you really need to get yourself kept on fire to stay fit. Make sure that you don’t miss any other tutorial and how articles regarding this Fitbit zip manual and various tips we have prepared for you guys. Stay healthy! Stay Fitbit!

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