Fitbit Zip Tutorials: Unexpected Spots to Put Fitbit Zip without Everyone Notice

There is this one lady we have been working together for a while namely Daisy. She is always so busy with her work and often focus on what she doing as if she does not really care about herself because we never ever see her to go out for an evening jogging or doing some Zumba or aerobic in one city gym center, but since we have been working with her in a while, we notice that her body is getting slim as well as she look more fresh than before. Once we asked her about that, she suddenly reveal this one little kit called Fitbit Zip and announce that it is her secret weapon.

Well, this mini tools is not such kind of machine which can miraculously make your body fat disappear directly without doing anything, it is also not a magic tools that can make you sexier in one single day instantly. But that tiny little thing is the device that she admits to help her a lot in tracking her daily activity that consists also some recording features that can lead her into her fitness condition right now. Let’s just find out how this tiny stuff can do

Fitbit Zip Design And Review

Fitbit Zip Design And Review

so much help!

Knowing Fitbit Zip review and functions

There are some functions that Daisy said can help us and anyone who want to stay fit by using this fitness little device here. Alongside its features called tab display which will show you some kinds of time and stats of your daily activities, there is this kind of tracker which record how much steps you have taken or how far you have walked. Since people always said that at least we need to walk ten thousand steps to stay fit, this thing can measure it in precise way.

Not only that, you can also use it to control your calories intake. So, basically by using this, you can precisely know how much calories you have taken and how much calories you have burnt. If you like swimming, you can use it to track the calories taken out from your body and you do not have to worry about it gets broken, since it is innovated to resist water. Daisy has been using this in a while and she just keeps tracking her activities while still able to finish her job properly. She uses it to make fitness target to do for several months and she did it well. The only one thing that left for us to wander is how anyone cannot notice that she has been using it in a while? And the answer is just simple because it is portable and easy to hide. Daisy shared us about some spots she uses to hide it that makes us not realize that. Check them out here:

Hide it on your Bra!

Here is the idea that Daisy always uses guys! Hide it on bra. Well, nobody will sneak peek on it unless you are a pervert. This one spot here will let nobody recognize that you are in activities of tracking your fitness detail. If you want to ask about where exactly Daisy is putting this stuff on her bra, then the answer is on the front string and sometimes in the crevice of the bra. It is indeed quite tricky yet working so good to hide it without everyone notice.

Wear it along with bracelets

Daisy also said that she often put it alongside her bracelets. It might look like an accessories or knickknacks which are being one with bracelet itself. You can do it as how Daisy do by using this tiny gadget’s tweezer and slip it up onto one of your bracelets. It is even better if your bracelet which you put this Zip Fitbit on has the same color as it. It has the purpose to perfect the camouflage of that tiny gadget and let no one even recognize it.

Pin it on your Shirt’s pocket

If you are kind of tidy or elegant person who always use blazer on your working office, then this idea might also be applicable. You can put your small Fitbit Zip gadget on your shirt or blazer’s pocket. Clip it on alongside with your napkin or ornaments that you often put there to cover it up. Indeed it just sounds like you are a spy or something to have such kind of little device to peek behind your pocket, but yeah, that is how you hide it without letting no one know.

Peeking on the Belt!

Rather than using your belt just for show or to tighten your waist in order your trouser to not be fall down, you can multi-use it as the den of your tiny little device here. It is just a perfect spot where you will get the real answer on how to put this device without everyone notices it right away. Of course nobody will intentionally or dare enough to squat and ask you: what is that little stuff hanging on your belt? – Daisy said.

Well yeah, that is all those four safe and perfect spots where you can put your little guy Fitbit Zip without everyone throw their recognition about it. Since it is little and shaped unexaggeratedly, then those spots will just do it favor to hide it from anyone. If you guys have any other ideas on other Fitbit zip target hiding spots that can answer the question: how to hide this little gadget without people notice it, and then make sure to share it with us here or let us know via email. Be healthy! Be Fitbit!

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