Fitbit Zip Wireless Synchronizations: How to Do it and how it Works

Are you trying to find some stuff that can simply connect all your gadget and take control over it due to some practical and simplicity reasons that you demand to own? Well, that kind of stuff is hard to find, but how if we tell you that such kind of device is exist? Even though it is not too sophisticated like you demanded it to be, but at least it can synchronize automatically to some other devices such as computers and smartphone in both simple and practical ways. There is this one mini gadget called Fitbit Zip which is innovated by Fitbit manufacturer that is focused on health and fitness IT business. Their innovation called zip here is great and has several features you can expect.

Fitbit Zip Design And Review

Fitbit Zip Design And Review

Fitbit Zip Review: One Simple Fitness Tracker with Auto Sync

When the very first time we need to talk about this mini fitness tracker device innovated by Fitbit here, we cannot skip the talk without its main function which is tracking daily activeness consisting some categories such as the steps, calories burned, and distances tracking. Those three categories tracking will allow you to know every single track of your daily activity to stay fit. Those records of three categories will be automatically synced with your other devices as for the needs of daily activity track record as well as maintaining your target of fitness or adding some portion of activities to improve your health. One thing so special is the feature of Auto synchronization packed within this device that will pile your record stat on your account. Here are how and why it is important.

What you need for the Synchronizations?

Like we have said above about the auto synchronization features, you can say that it is something you need to do if you are serious about tracking your fitness progress in some aspects. You will need of course the Fitbit Zip gadget and the other devices to be synchronized with. You have to also need your account made by making sure you have installed the Fitbit connects Apps on your compatible mobile or smartphone. You can also install in within your PC. The other things you need to prepare is the Bluetooth available connectivity that will take role as the bridge in the wireless synchronization of your Zip device and the other devices.

Just make sure you have set your Bluetooth setup activated as well as ascertain that your device is enlisted into the availability for Fitbit Apps because not all devices are compatible with it. You need to check on the availability list of the device on Fitbit official sites. If you cannot find your device there, then it is possible that your device cannot support the apps. However, you need not worry about it, since Fitbit always adding its support and capability to more new devices.

How the synchronizations undergo?

The mastermind behind the synchronization of your Fitbit device and the others is called BLE (Bluetooth low energy) technology. Just make sure you have installed the apps on your mobile or PC, and you can initiate the synchronization by opening the apps on your mobile. Once you have done it, then the Zip will do the rest of auto synchronization with the device by summarize many things regarding your activities such as the recorded history of activities you have tracked, sleeping logs (currently unavailable for Zip Fitbit), and many else in chart and graphic information.

The synchronization will usually takes around every fifteen minutes or when it has the brand new data to record, but if only the Bluetooth service is enabled. In fact, basically your device wills automatically doing its synchronization when you open the Fitbit apps on your other devices. There are also some setting details within the apps that can make you able to disable the function because it is often become problem since many smartphone are used not only for one or two apps at once which makes the battery is easy to drained up.

Why do we need to synchronize it?

The choice whether you want to synch your device or not is actually based on how serious you are using Fitbit feature to track your activities. The data synchronized into the apps are basically your important notes for your fitness goal. You can use it to track your burnt calories as well as knowing the details of your activity regarding your fitness. But if you are not really serious about it, then you must be this one kind of person who buy stuff only for show.

Well, that’s it we got today about the tutorial of how you do the synchronization of your Fitbit Zip to the other devices you have. As long as you follow the instruction and make sure everything goes exactly like that Fitbit Zip Manual we told you, then some kind of error would not occur. However, if there are some errors happen or any details that you still quite confuse about it, then do not hesitate to contact us and ask the information about it. Be Healthy! Be Fitbit!

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