How to Keep your Kiddies to Stay Fit by Using Fitbit Zip

We have been in the health and fitness business in a while and we meet several amazing people who inspire us about how important is keeping yourself to stay fit. From those world’s renowned fitness and health experts we know, there are these two ladies who are popular and people know them from Fit Bottomed girls who inspire a lot of people and titled as fit gurus by many people. They are Erin Whitehead and Jennifer Walters. One good thing that we have learned from them is the statement: the bad and unhealthy lifestyle is contagious. For example, if parents in a family are never doing exercise or doing bad habit like smoking or eating junk food which are basically unhealthy, then those habits will highly infect those parents’ children.

Fitbit Zip Design And Review

Fitbit Zip Design And Review

Of course as a good parents, you want the best for your children and you will never slightly expect that they would live their life doing unhealthy habits. If you have such kind of vision, then you should start from yourself first for starter. And how you do that is not quite simple and easy task to do, but the glad news is you have this mini gadget innovated by Fitbit with the name called Zip that can assist you to make you and your entire family, especially your children to stay fit. You might be thinking that it is gonna be tough stuff to do because kiddies often hard to manage, but trust us and use these methods we have to make it easier to make your children stay fit. Here are some good ways to make your Fitbit Zip target for your children’s fitness.

Make it Resembles Tamagotchi!

If you are 90’s kid and have become a parent now, then you might ever played a game called Tamagotchi. It is a game which is simply able to be played by keeping a digital pet within the gadget. If you don’t feed it, then the pet will die, and when you feed it, your pet will be happy. This little gadget here has one similarity with that Tamagotchi. It is the emoticon of smile where it will appear when you do enough activities that make you stay fit. In the contrary, it will showed by the expression of ridicule by sticking out its tongue as the signal of humiliation because of your laziness. Tell your children that it is the pet they need to take care of. You can lie to them for their sake that the pet will be upset and die they don’t do some active activities like sport or running which are basically exercise to keep them fit. This strategy is indeed amazing idea to do.

Make Competitions with your Children about it

If make this Fitbit Zipto be resemble with Tamagotchiain’t feel good for you, then why don’t you try another way by making some short of fun competitions. Children love to play and you should make them play. Challenge your children to do some activities like running or exercise, and the one with much more steps or farther distance is the winner. By using this way, you can make your children doing some active activities which can make them stay fit. Remember, you might want to defer yourself to let them happy in order to make them keep doing that and willing to do it again sometimes later.

Play Games and giving rewards for some achievement

If making it as competition with your children is still too dull, why don’t you just play it as a game for your children and you promise them some rewards. You can make your children the account to be synched and record the progress and then invite them to finish leaderboard challenges or win some badges there. You can promise the, once you achieve some sort of points or goal, you will get the reward to go to fun park or getting the extra chocolate ice cream for the dinner or else.

Well, we think that is all we can tell you about how to keep your children fit by usingFitbit Zip as the device that will assist your effort and using some sophisticated features and over pluses that Fitbit has given to you for your advantages. You might also need to heed our advice that you should show the Fitbit Zip manual to your children in order they know what to do about it instead of breaking it. Hope this tutorial and how article will help you to make your children always fit. Make sure you don’t miss our other new posts about this products to stay informed, and remember! Be healthy! Be Fitbit!

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