Best iPhone System Optimizer: How to Clean and Speed Up iPhone

iPhone is equipped with powerful specs and features which makes it one of most popular smartphones across the globe. But after you use it for a long time, you gradually find that it begins running more slowly than it does when you first bought it. This is because your iPhone is filled with junk files, taking too much space and slowing the device down. This is a common problem and nothing to worry about.

Luckily, you’ve got the Best iPhone System Optimizer to help you speed things up quickly. No matter which generation iPhone you are using, like new iPhone 6s (Plus), 6 (Plus), or older iPhone 5s, 4s, there are ways to get your iPhone fast again. Read on for the tips to clean up junk files and speed up iPhone.

How to Optimize, Clean, Tune Up iPhone for Best Performance

Once you’ve downloaded and installed Tenorshare iPhone Care Pro, connect your iPhone to the computer, and select “Free Cleanup” to start removing junk files.

Then you will see 2 clean modes are provided: Quick Clean, and Deep Clean.


Quick Clean: could quickly scan and delete 8 types of junk files, including caches, cookies, temporary files, etc.

Deep Clean: could clear up to 12 types of files, like messages, browsing history, calling history and all your private data. If you want to use this clean mode, you can upgrade free version to iPhone Care Pro.

Then click “Quick Clean”, and all the files can be scanned will be listed. Note that all files have been selected to scan by default. Slide the button next to the file type to OFF if you don’t want to delete it from iPhone. Click “Scan Now” to start scanning.


Wait until the scanning is complete. iPhone System Optimizer from Tenorshare will list that how many junk files you can remove and how much free space will be reclaimed after cleaning. Click “Clean Now” button to clean all the scanned items.


So this is really easy and safe. You don’t need to be concerned about losing important data in your iPhone when cleaning up junk files. So start trying this right away after download the iPhone speedup tool. 

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