Best Video Suite: How to Edit and Optimize Videos for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices nowadays fit together with videos like a hand in glove. With the advancements to both the displays as well as cameras on these devices, they are better than ever at viewing as well as recording video content. That being said the one area where mobile devices sometimes are less equipped to deal with videos is when it comes to their limited storage space that can often fill up very quickly.

By using Movavi Video Suite you can actually do something about that. As a capable and easy-to-use video editor, it will give you the means to edit and optimize your videos so that they are perfect for mobile devices.



How to Edit, Optimize and Reduce File Size to Conserve Storage Space

Seeing as the focus will be on reducing the file size of your videos so that you’re able to conserve storage space – what you need to do is launch Movavi Video Suite and load the videos that you want to edit and optimize. Once you do, you can choose to:

  • Compress the video file size by saving it into a format and codec with better compression as well as adjusting the resolution, frame rate and bitrate.
  • Trim out any segments of video that aren’t needed so that the video is shorter and with a smaller file size.

Both of these tasks can be performed easily with the features available in Movavi Video Suite. As a matter of fact the presets that are built in to the software will let you automatically save your video using the optimal video format and settings for various different mobile devices – which is an easy way of ensuring they aren’t above its maximum specifications. In the event that isn’t sufficient, you can then adjust the video settings further – though it will cause a loss of quality.

It is worth noting that Movavi Video Suite can be used to perform these tasks when you choose to record and make videos, or when you want to transfer other videos over to your mobile device. Assuming you choose to utilize some of its other features you will find that you’re also able to enhance the video quality, insert stylish animated transitions, apply special effects, insert audio tracks, add customizable text, create different types of videos, and much more.

All said and done Movavi Video Suite’s is mainly a video creation suite – but the fact that it has such a diverse range of features helps it to fill a multi-purpose role. By utilizing those features to edit and optimize your videos, you should be able to make sure your mobile devices don’t face issues involving storage space.

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