Home Automation

We have already familiar and even addicted to smartphone as we seems to can’t get through our days without it. Today, as the technology is getting smarter, people start to be interested in making their home as a smarthome. Home automation is automation of the home, household activity and turn home into smarthome with the latest technology.

With Home automation, electrical devices in a home will be integrated. There are many benefits we can get from home automation.

Home Automation Benefits

Home AutomationFirst, home automation offers peace of mind about the security of your home especially when you are away. Thanks to home security system, you will be able to manage your home even when you are on the go. You can watch live security camera feeds on your smartphone or laptop anytime and anywhere. When you forgot to close your garage, you can close it with your smartphone even when you are not at home. You can connect, monitor and control your lights, doors, appliances, thermostats and more, anytime and anywhere.

Second, home automation offers energy savings. Home automation will help you to control the amount of electricity you use so you can save energy, save your utility bills and of course save your money. Your thermostat can operate on week-long cycles to provide customized efficiency to fit your lifestyle.

Third, home automation offers convenience. With home automation, you will be able to manage your home from anywhere. You can turn alarms on or off from your smartphone. You can also manage multiple audio and video devices, manage your home’s temperature, and more amazing things.

Today, more home automation manufacturers are designing smartphone apps so you can manage your home with your own smartphone.

Types of home automation security devices

There are many types of home automation security devices available for you. Home security and surveillance systems, touch screen door locks, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, are just a few examples. These devices can help you to keep your home and family safe.

Home Automation Elements

The elements of a home automation system are:

  • sensors, for example, temperature, daylight, motion detection
  • controllers, for example,a general-purpose personal computer, a dedicated automation controller
  • actuators, for example,motorized valves, light switches , motors
  • buses,
  • interfaces .

Home Automation Devices

There are many models of home automation devices that can help you to easily manage your home.
HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems.

  • Lighting control systems
  • Audio-visual
  • Shading
  • Security
  • Intercoms
  • Domotics, and more.

With Home automation, we can make our life easier, faster and saver. You will be able to manage your home even when you are away.

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