Modular Phones

Modular Phones

Modular Phones

Modular phones is a breakthrough that calls for flexibility in the hardware of a phone . Unlike computer long ago can in custom , mobile phone now does not have such capabilities . Google through Motorola was the first to initiate the idea of ​​a modular phone through project ara.

Project Ara was made using a module that is inserted into the frame endoskeletal metal known as “endos”. This frame will be a component in modular phones created by Google . It serves as an intermediary to life network device that connects all the modules simultaneously.

What Is Modular Phones

The module can provide a common smartphone features, such as camera and speakers, but also provide more specialized features such as medical devices, mini printer, laser pointer, mini projector, night vision sensor, or gaming control keys. Each slot can accept any kind of modules of the same size. Front slot has a varying height and width of the frame takes all. The module will be provided by the Google store and also a third party seller.

We all certainly hope that the development of modular phones can perfectly and quickly realized, so that we can choose the components of the device in accordance with our wishes. We also expect more involvement of application developers, so that we can enjoy quality applications and support all our mobile activities. Also support the hardware manufacturers to produce phones with modular components with good quality and reasonable prices will further accelerate development.

Project Ara

project ara

The project ara is a project of making modular smartphones. Assembly who first coined Motorola a while ago. When Google sells Motorola to Lenovo, many are asking, what about the fate of the Project Ara?

Yes, Project Ara still continue because Division is responsible for the project, Advanced Technology and Projects (the ROOF) are retained by Google. This project is ambitious because there has been no history of manufacturers make phones assembled a PC.

Project Ara Development

Led by Regina Dugan, the former Director of the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) U.S. Department of Defense, the roof is now located directly under the control of Google. The first prototype was phones from Ara expected already to be available a few weeks again and launch commercially in early 2015.

The main idea of the modular phones Project Ara is to help consumers who are fond of “tweak” for fiddling with their phones not only by replacing the ringtones, wallpapers, body color or custom ROM, but also in form and function. On the other hand, the same as the current Android OS, which is involved in the development of mobile phone hardware is not just a giant company, but hundreds small companies. Therefore, the project will be open, meaning that any manufacturer could produce a special hardware for Project Ara. It is similar to Android, it isn’t right? All developers can make application for Android.

With modular phones project, Google hopes to invite hundreds of even thousands of hardware manufacturers involved making cell phones, like the thousands of developers who develop applications for Android.

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