Galaxy S6 Edge Tutorial to Set Up Multiple Fingerprints

Galaxy S6 Edge Tutorial to Set Up Multiple Fingerprints. When you have already got your new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in your hand, you will first need to set it up. You will also need to make sure that your new phone is save by adding its security. You can Set Up Multiple Fingerprints for this.

At the setup process of the Galaxy S6 will have you scan one of your fingerprints for more security. Your fingerprint information needs to be registered and stored in your device. You can use your fingerprint for some features like Screen lock, Web sign-in, Verify Samsung account and to pay with PayPal.

Here are steps to register fingerprints

1. On the Settings screen, tap Lock screen and security
s6 edge fingerprint
2. Tap Fingerprint

s6 edge fingerprint 3

3. Tap Add fingerprint

s6 edge fingerprint 2

2. Place your finger on the Home key.

s6 edge fingerprint 4
3. Lift your finger when the device vibrates, and then place it on the Home key again.
Repeat this action using the same finger until the fingerprint is registered.

s6 edge fingerprint 5
4. When a screen appears requesting to register a backup password, enter the backup
password, and then tap CONTINUE.

s6 edge fingerprint 6
5 Enter the backup password again to verify it, and then tap OK.
You can use the backup password instead of scanning your fingerprints.

s6 edge fingerprint 7
6 When a fingerprint lock pop-up window appears, tap OK. You can use your fingerprints to
unlock the screen.

s6 edge fingerprint 8

Each finger takes 15 or 20 taps on the home button to get your fingerprint scanned, but once you do it you’ll be ready to go for as long as you use the phone.

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