Galaxy S6 Tutorial: Connecting to WiFi Network

Galaxy S6 Tutorial How to Connect to a WiFi. You can access the Internet if the device you have connected to the mobile network or WiFi network. In this article we will discuss how to connect wifi in the galaxy s6.

This tutorial is actually contained in the manual too, if you want to download it, please visit Galaxy S6 manual page.

Connecting Galaxy S6 to WiFi

You can connect the Galaxy s6 to a Wi-Fi network to use the Internet or share media files with other devices:

  • On the Apps screen, tap Settings > Wi-Fi. Alternatively, open the quick setting panel and tap and hold Wi-Fi.
  • Drag the Wi-Fi switch to the right.
  • Select a network from the list of detected Wi-Fi networks. Networks that require a password appear with a lock icon.
  • Tap Connect. After the device connects to a Wi-Fi network, the device will automatically connect to it any time it is available.

Turn off Wi-Fi to save the battery when not in use.

Galaxy S6 Adding Wi-Fi Networks Guide

A bit of a problem would arise if the network is not visible. But do not worry, it can be solved with the following tips. If the desired network does not appear in the networks list, tap Add Wi-Fi network at the bottom of the networks list. Enter the network name in Network SSID, select the security type and enter the password if it is not an open network, and then tap Connect.

For a more stable connection, you can use Smart network switch feature. On the Apps screen, tap Settings > Wi-Fi, and then tick Smart network switch. The device automatically switches from a Wi-Fi network to a mobile network when the current WiFi network is weak or unstable.

Now galaxy s6 already connected to wifi, you can use the internet or connection with other devices.


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