Galaxy S6 Mini: Specs, Price and Release Date

Galaxy S6 Mini News. There are many information and rumors about Samsung Galaxy S6 which is said to be released on MWC this year. But now Samsung is reportedly to unveil two versions of Galaxy S6, the original Galaxy S6 alongside with the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini.

Galaxy S6 Mini

The current Samsung Galaxy series, the S5, is available today along with the Galaxy S5 mini. The S5 mini has smaller and compact sizeo but offers almost the same software experience with slightly lower specs. So, there is a chance that Samsung will also has the Galaxy S6 mini this year after the launch of the Galaxy S6.

Galaxy S6 Mini Specs

There is no official statement from Samsung about the Galaxy S6 mini yet, but rumors about the upcoming device is spreading around the web. There is no leaked specs but we can expect that the S6 mini specs will be better than the S5 mini specs.

According to AndroidPIT, the Galaxy S5 mini is predicted to offer a pixel density of 326 ppi, easily surpassing the Galaxy S4 Mini (256 ppi). The site also mentioned that the S6 mini is sure to come with a Super AMOLED display of around 4.7 inches, and probably Full HD.

Samsung Galaxy S6 mini is expected to have an impressing specs just like the S5 mini. Of course we are expecting to get an upgraded specs from the S5 mini. The octa-core processor, 3GB of RAM, and a micro SD card will surely be expected to be available on the device. The S6 mini is also expected to run Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher.

Of course we need to wait for the official announcement from Samsung to get the detail specs of Samsung Galaxy S6 mini.

Galaxy S6 Mini Release Date

As some rumors talking about the Samsung Galaxy S6 mini, we still have no official information about Samsung Galaxy S6 mini release date. But as the Galaxy S6 is presumed to be released at the MWC 2015, then we can predict that the Galaxy S6 mini will be shown in the weeks after the event

Galaxy S6 Mini Price

Samsung Galaxy S6 mini will probably have almost the same price range with the Galaxy S5 mini.The S6 mini is predicted to have an upgraded specs from the Galaxy S5 mini so the price range won’t seems to be far. The galaxy S5 mini price was $488.99 at started. But today the device is available for $317.33. So, the Galaxy S6 mini is predicted to have $300 to $500 price range. Stay tuned!

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