PreOrder Galaxy S6 at BestBuy

BestBuyPreOrder Galaxy S6 at BestBuy – Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be unveiled during MWC in Barcelona on March 2nd with pre order availability predicted on February. The pre order of the handset is expected to be available at Best Buy .

The pre order of Galaxy S6 at BestBuy will likely to be able within a few weeks as the handset is said to be released on the first week of March. There is no official information about the availability of the handset at the retailer just yet but we will soon update the information for you.

BestBuy Galaxy S6 PreOrder

The Galaxy S6 is predicted to have new fingerprint sensor. Samsung is updating the fingerprint sensor in the handset to work with touch- rather than swipe-based input. The update will allow users to be able to record an entire rather than partial fingerprint.

BestBuy will likely to list the S6 with many different carries as well the phone itself with no contract. The unlock version of the handset is also predicted to be available at BestBuy.

There is no official information about the pricing of the Galaxy S6 just yet but it is expected to have the same price range with its predecessor,the S5, which is available started at $99.99 with two year contract at Best Buy.

Last year, Best Buy offers great price for the Galaxy S5. The handset was sold at $1 with a signed two-year pact. The deal was available to those on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T. Customer who are a member of Verizon Edge, AT&T Next or Sprint Easy Pay, can put “$0” down (if well-qualified), and receive a $50 gift card. They will then have to come up with the monthly installment payments.

That was one of the great offer for the handset and we can expect to get the same interesting offer on PreOrder Galaxy S6 at Best Buy soon.

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