Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre-Order

Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to arrive on MWC this year. People have been so curious about the upcoming handset of Samsung as many rumors suggest that the handset will bring many great specs and features. It seems that Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre Order will be available soon.

However, as we browse the web, we have found that someone offered the Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre Order a few months ago on eBay. The offer was VerizonSamsung Galaxy S6 Pre Order with starting bid of $850. The bid ended on Nov 07, 2014 with no bid at all.

Galaxy S6 Pre-Order

Galaxy S6 prices

Galaxy S6 Prices

Well, it would be better if we wait for the official Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre Order which will be available at Samsung official site; some carriers like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or other carries; as well as retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to come with new hardware and software features. Samsung Pay will be one of the new features expected on the handset. It is a new NFC-based payment system, similar to the Apple Pay system. The system is expected to work with up to 90 percent of current NFC and magnetic strip payment terminals. The company may work with Visa to have cards issued by the company automatically be compatible with Samsung Pay.

The other great specs and feature from the handset will make you more curious about the availability of Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre Order. The updated fingerprint sensor is one of them. Samsung’s current swipe-based Finger Sensor requires users to unlock the phone before proceeding with any authorization functions. The company plans to update the fingerprint sensor from a swipe-based sensor to a touch-based one similar to that on the iPhone 6 and other newer Apple smartphones.

We are getting closer with the official release of Samsung Galaxy S6. So, the exact time for Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre Order won’t seems to be far. We will update this information for you soon.

Update Feb 24, 2015

Galaxy S6 Pre Register

Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre Register

Samsung Galaxy S6 Pre Register

Official released with six appeal slogan, now you can do pre register to get Samsung Galaxy S6 and all its variant from your favorite carrier. You can visit one of the following pages:

Pre register galaxy s6 list updated.




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