Samsung Use KNOX to fix Samsung Keyboard App Vulnerability

Samsung knoxSamsung Use KNOX to fix Samsung Keyboard App Vulnerability-If you are one of Samsung galaxy S6 or S6 edge or other Samsung Galaxy handsets owners are worry about the Samsung keyboard app vulnerability, there is nothing to worry about now as samsung will use its KNOX to fix it.

Samsung stated “Samsung Knox has the capability to update the security policy of the phones, over-the-air, to invalidate any potential vulnerabilities caused by this issue. The security policy updates will begin rolling out in a few days”

Ryan Welton, NowSecure security researcher, has exposed a security risk that affects over 600 million Samsung devices world wide. The risk comes from the pre-installed Swiftkey keyboard. An attacker could remotely access sensors and resources like GPS, camera and microphone, install malicious app without the user knowing, tamper with how other apps work or how the phone works, access sensitive personal data.

However, SwiftKey has their statement regarding their keyboard. “The one thing we want to make clear is the difference between a pre-installed app and us providing Samsung our core software in an SDK. NowSecure call us a pre-install, but this isn’t technically true. We provided Samsung with our SDK, which is what powers word predictions and other typing features in their stock keyboard app. In that sense we’re a technology provider here, rather than the end-to-end producers of the Samsung keyboard app. This is completely different than a pre-installed app.

The reason we’re highlighting this is that we want everyone to understand that this issue is distinct from SwiftKey Keyboard, our consumer app on Google Play and the App Store, which is unaffected by this security vulnerability.”

Thanks to KNOX, this vulnerability will be closed in a few days.

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