Setting Galaxy S6 Wallpaper Tutorial

For those who want to make their Samsung become more colorful, here is a tutorial for setting Galaxy S6 Wallpaper. Just like the other android, you can replace the mobile screen with a variety of images in accordance with your wishes. One of the great thing about the Galaxy s6 is that the device is equipped with a super bright screen.

Tutorial How to Setup Galaxy S6 Wallpaper 

Set an image or photo stored on the device as wallpaper for the Home screen or the locked screen.

  • On the Apps screen, tap Settings > Wallpaper. Alternatively, on the Home screen, tap and hold an empty area, and then tap Wallpapers.
  • Select a screen to change or apply wallpaper to.
  • Scroll left or right and select from images displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • To select photos taken by the device’s camera or other images, tap More images.
  • Tap Set wallpaper or Done.

It is easy to change the wallpaper on galaxy s6 isn’t it?

Galaxy S6 Wallpaper

By selecting the image directly, you do not need an additional app to make the Galaxy S6 static wallpaper. Additionally you can add and change any image you want. Here we include some examples that you can download directly to your device.


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