Samsung Galaxy S6 Great Specs and Features

Samsung Galaxy S6 photos have leaked online showing that the handset will have a curved screen on both side. Samsung has already put curved screen on its Galaxy Note Edge before. If the new handset will have a curved screen then it will surely have a much better design then its predecessor.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Great Specs

Of course we are expecting that the Galaxy S6 will still bring great features from the S5 plus more new surprising features. The handset is expected to bring amazing screen, great battery life, huge power, great camera and more.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is also expected to bring dust and water resistant feature. It will help the handset to last longer and stronger. The IP67 certification allows the handset to be resistant to sweat, rain, liquids, sand and dust.

Heart Rate Sensor is also great feature expected on the handset. The built-in Heart Rate

Specs and Features

Sensor enables users to measure their heart rate directly on the phone. Users can simply place their finger on the back of the Galaxy S5 and measure their heart rate.

The fitness-tracking abilities, S Health, should also be available on Samsung Galaxy S6. S Health, a personal fitness tracker will lead users through their fitness routines daily and consistently. Users can set their goals and achieve them with the help of the handset’s pedometer. The S Health’s constant tracking of their condition, walking distance, calories, speed, duration, and more.

We also expect that Samsung Galaxy S6 will have its stylus support just like its predecessor. Users can use a Pencil as a Stylus and it does not scratch the screen. User can control the screen sensitivity. Simply get to menu -Setting > Display then choose increase touch sensitivity or choose touch sensitivity.

Download Booster seems to great feature for Samsung Galaxy S6. It allows users to use the LTE and Wi-Fi simultaneously. Users will be able to experience approximately 80~90% of the added network speed of LTE and Wi-Fi simply by turning on the LTE and Wi-Fi together.

Higher security level should also be available on the Galaxy S6 as the previous model already have Finger Scanner for security & access. With the finger scanner, users can unlock their phone, enjoy faster and more secure payments via PayPal and more.

Private Mode is also an important feature for the handset as users have many private data on their smartphone. Hot selfie photos, important and private documents like passports and savings bonds, are private documents we should save. With the private mode, users will be able password-protect images on their phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 is also expected to have Ultra Power Saving Mode. This feature is available on the S5. The handset will turn off all superfluous functions and goes into pure survival mode as the mode toggled on. The handset will stay up to 24 hours on just a ten percent of battery.

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